Amos Fortune - A free man

Slavery is an important part of African and American history. Many books try to show it through biographies, autobiographies, and dramas. My second book, Amos Fortune, a free man, is about a slave who worked and then gained his freedom. This book talks about a time where black verus white tensions were high. It gives an in depth look at the relationship of that time. I try to read at least a chapter a day. This is not an AP book title but is still a good read.

Amos Fortune is about a slave named Amos who was forcibly removed from Africa and brought to America. He lost his family and his tribe. His life is relatively good and he is better off than most slaves in the Americas. Amos explains his hardships and life in America through this quote " “He said little about his dream but he nourished it in his heart as the best place for a dream to grow." This quote shows how Amos lived in America and how his heart prospered there.

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  1. Good Job! Have you read any other books like this? If so, What are they?


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